Radiative Heat Transfer by the Monte Carlo Method

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Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiative Heat Transfer with Parallel Computer Architectures

This paper covers the development of a method based on classical probability distribution function and random numbers to evolve a computer algorithm for determination of total exchange areas in three dimensional furnace enclosures with emitting and absorbing surfaces. The method involves simulation of the pathways of a large number of beams carrying finite amount of energy from a specified surface zone inside an enclosure and tracing their routes until they get absorbed.

Equations for beam tracings and intersection criteria have been developed for plane walls, rectangular paralleopiped and cylinders.

Engine Heat Transfer - Part 2 of 2

Computed total exchange areas were found to be within 0. The equations once verified can be applied to more complicated geometries by combining these basic shapes using zone method. Total exchange areas thus obtained can then be used in heat balance equations for multiple surface and gas zones to find the temperature and heat flux profile inside the furnace enclosure.

Computation Of Total Exchange Areas Using Monte Carlo Method

These will be especially useful in modelling and simulation of reaction furnaces of unconventional shapes. Authors: Parthasarathy, G.

Parthasarathy, G. Monte Carlo solutions for radiative heat transfer in irregular two-dimensional geometries. United States: N.


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Copy to clipboard. United States. Other availability. Simulations show that the extent of this cooling effect is influenced by direct radiative heat losses from the end wafers as well as dissipation of the furnace heat flux by conductive heat losses through the quartz tube.

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The calculated temperature profiles are then used as thermal boundary conditions in simulations of rarefied gas flows in the LPCVD reactor. The thermal variations along the quartz and wafer surfaces give rise to significant temperature and density variations in the gas flow. The simulation results show excellent agreement with experimental data.

User Name Password Sign In. Coronell and Klavs F. Abstract A direct simulation Monte Carlo technique is used to simulate the radiation heat transfer in a multiwafer low pressure chemical vapor deposition LPCVD reactor.